Orchestra Helping Flood Victims in Richmond

On Sunday 29th May the Sydney Balalaika Orchestra under the direction of Victor Serghie, will perform at the Richmond Club. All proceeds will be donated to the Hawkesbury Helping Hands organisation to assist floodaffected Richmond community.

The Sydney Balalaika Orchestra is a not-for-profit, totally ‘home-grown’ musical group that has become famous for its brilliant costumes, lively music and strange instruments. The music and the instruments may sound Russian, but in this orchestra Russian-born players are definitely in the minority.

‘We are a truly multi-national mix including Malaysians, Armenians, Irish, Danish, Indian, Chinese, Belorussian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese and Australians’ said Victor. ‘People really love playing our music. It is that that really unites us’.


Audiences attending the Sydney Balalaika Orchestra concerts are intrigued by the strange collection of instruments. The Domra is a Russian/Ukrainian instrument rather like a mandolin. The Balalaikas are triangular shaped, of same origin. ‘And they come in a whole family of sizes including alto, tenor and bass. Indeed the biggest of them all is the giant contra-bass Balalaika. Other instruments include accordions, Bayans (button accordions) as well as woodwind and percussion. ‘We also have some talented singers, both male and female’ said Victor.

The orchestra has successfully toured overseas to New Zealand, China and Russia where it achieved an excellent reputation.‘It is nice to be able to help people who have been affected by natural disasters close to home,’ said Victor.

The concert will be held in the Richmond Club at the corner of East Market Street and Francis Street. Richmond, starting at 2.00PM

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