Grant Opportunities in the Hawkesbury Community

A diverse range of current grants is available to the Hawkesbury community for Seniors Festival Grants (up to $10,000), Arts and Disability Initiative grants ($30,000), Community Grants, Rural Communities Grants and many more.

They are variously available to individuals, groups and organisations and some grants will close in August.

Hawkesbury City Council has created an online Current Grant Opportunities resource on the website Your Hawkesbury – Your Say which is consistently updated with new grant opportunities for the Hawkesbury community.

It includes brief descriptions of grants, funding amounts, who can apply and the application closure dates. It is a good place to start looking for grant opportunities. Currently the grants range in value from $500 up to $250,000 and they are always being updated. You can find the page by visiting

Grant workshop presentations and videos
Hawkesbury City Council’s successful community grant workshop series is now available as recordings and presentation slides on the Community Grants and Support page at

These are an excellent resource to refer to when applying for grants, either within your community group or organisation, or as a collaborative project application with other community groups or organisations.

Hawkesbury Community Learning Hub
Hawkesbury City Council has partnered with iClick2Learn to create Hawkesbury Community Learning Hub, which is a comprehensive online resource for committees and volunteers.

It contains webinars, courses, and learning content about committees, governance, finance, volunteers, grants etc. The Learning Hub provides people living, working, or volunteering in the Hawkesbury community with ‘bite-sized’ learning and the opportunity to upskill.

A free 12-month membership is available for volunteers and committee members to upskill your group on grants, fundraising, events, committees and roles via webinars, courses and FAQs. Membership will provide full access to the site Hawkesbury Learning Hub – iClick2learn at Hawkesbury Learning Hub – iClick2learn

Contact Council for your free membership code by emailing [email protected] or calling 4560 4444 or Tracey Greenaway on 0428 212 948.

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