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Hearing About a Little Dog

July Giddey Buster Hearing About A Little Dog

Most of the “Memories” that I publish in this section of the Hills to Hawkesbury Community News deal with people, events, or products from past decades. Sometimes, someone will mention to me something that is much more recent.

In this case, Greg Dunn, who is a poet who can often be seen and heard at Bella Vista Farm during their Open Days reciting bush poems that he has written. At the April Open Day, he approached and reminded me that I had published a piece in the 9th of February edition of this popular little publication entitled “Sydney” An Amazing Little Dog.

The article was a story about Faye Yarroll and her lovely little dog, Sydney. Faye is profoundly deaf, and Sydney is her hearing dog. Recently, Greg was in Adelaide, and had cause to visit the Adelaide offices of a deaf society. Upon entering the office of the CEO of the Society, he spotted a framed copy of a poem on the wall. It was perhaps a coincidence that the poem was in fact one that Greg had written some time before.

Ivor’s comments: I first came across Faye when she was invited to a National Seniors meeting as a speaker in 2023 and then once more when she gave a talk at a Probus Club, Each time she was very entertaining and demonstrated her dog, Sydney’s, reaction to a smoke alarm.

If you want to book Faye as a speaker for your Probus or Community group you can contact her at [email protected] Telephone 9706 8007 or 0412 830 041 Greg Dunn you can see and hear at most Open Days at Bella Vista Farm.

Open Days are usually on the first Sunday of the month between 9am and 3pm.

Faye Yarroll Dog Hearing About A Little Dog
Faye yarroll with a hearing dog

Greg has provided me a copy of this poem which I have reproduced below.

“In Lions, our projects cover many forms of helping those in need
And most of them involve in the planting of a seed.
The seed that I am referring to, conceived in Colorado
From a USA Convention held some forty years ago.

Brian Carter and Bob Allen saw a need that could be shared;
A training school for dogs to assist hearing impaired.
With property acquired and assistance from The States;
Australian Lions Hearing Dogs soon opened up its gates.

The first dog out was Amber, in Nineteen Eighty Two.
You’d think dogs were human if you saw what they can do.
Like Blind dogs have become your eyes, these dogs become your ears.
To see the love that forms the bond would bring most men to tears.

Their training is substantial, not all pups pass the test.
It’s also quite expensive as they only take the best.
Each dog is vaccinated and checked out by a vet;
Implanted with an ID Chip before the programme’s set.

The schooling can take eight long months and sometimes even more.
The dog will stay in training until they’re very sure.
And then there is reaction between recipient and pup;
So let’s see how the puppy feels on how it ended up.

“The lady that they put me with has a very special need
I’ve told you what they put me through, and I managed to succeed.
The kindness I’m receiving. The affection and the care
Makes me wish I could do more, there’s so much we can share

I’ve learnt to recognise the phone and knocking at the door;
And other sounds around the house and know what they are for.
The smoke alarm however is a special sound
I react, then must not move, ‘till a solution has been found.

We have become inseparable, go everywhere as one.
We even go to the park where I can have a run.
I sit with her at meetings, I never leave her side.
I know that she depends on me, my chest sticks out with pride.”

These pups form part of family, a shielding from harm.
A devoted friend who holds your trust and turns storms into calm;
Who understands your every need and loves you to the end
Referred to as a Hearing Dog, but really , Your Best Friend

Ivor Jones

Ivor Jones has been involved with the Hills to Hawkesbury Community News since 1980.  He specialises in local history and nostalgic items. He has also been involved in community radio having been Chairman of the Board, and broadcaster at Cumberland Community Radio (now known as Alive90.5).  Ivor is also a passionate community volunteer in many community groups

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