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NSW Government Investing $3.5 Billion Into Education, New Schools

Nsw Government

New schools in Tallawong, Schofields, Nirimba Fields and the Gables are being delivered as part of a record $3.5 billion investment into education that will see over 60 new and upgraded schools in Sydney’s quickly growing western suburbs.

The Gables, Nirimba Fields and Tallawong will all receive new primary schools, while a new high school will be built to service both Schofields and Tallawong. Furthermore, schools will be upgraded in The Ponds as part of the investment to deliver new facilitis and address overcrowding.

The funding was a key election promise from the Minns Labor Government, who came to power in March 2023 with a mandate to fix Western Sydney’s school infrastructure backlog. The investment will guarantee quality public schools for rapidly growing communities, ensuring their access to quality education and facilities.

Chris Minns, Premier of NSW, stressed the importance of the funding: “Thousands of familis moved into suburbs like Schofields, Tallawong, Nirimba Fields and The Ponds on the promise of local schools for their children, but the former government never delivered them.

“We were elected with a mandate to rebuild essential services – and there is nothing more essential than the education of the next generation of children.

“We are a government with a clear focus – managing our finances responsibly so we can provide support when you need it most and improve the essential services that we all rely on, now and into the future.”

Deputy Premier and Education Minister Prue Car also assured that the funding would ensure high quality education: “We are not only building the schools that families need – we are ensuring those schools are properly staffed with qualified teachers who are appropriately paid, working to undo the former government’s erosion of pay and conditions that left NSW in a teacher shortage crisis.

“The Minns Labor government is making the careful and necessary decisions to address the holes left in the budget by the Liberals and ensure we fund the essential services people rely on. We are focusing on what people need most, and that’s essential services like high quality local schools.”

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