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With the start of a new year, it’s time to fill your child’s stationery and book lists which might include a tablet or laptop. They may have outgrown their school uniform and shoes too.

Qr Code Nils Scheme Hca Back To School HelpNILs, short for No Interest Loans, is a safe alternative way for families to cover these kid of costs without turning to pay day lenders.

NILs is supported by the not-for-profit organisation Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand and helps parents to borrow up to $2000 to cover the cost of school uniforms, laptops, books and other education essentials with NO interest, NO fees and NO charges ever.

What you borrow with a NILs loan is exactly what you pay back – not a cent more. Hills Community Aid at Baulkham Hills runs the NILs program and was recently told by a mother of two that the scheme had made a huge difference to her family.

“I just wanted to thank you guys for assisting us with the new items meant a lot to my son when he arrived yesterday and saw his new iPad and laptop for school. Thank you for NILS team at Hills Community Aid for helping people like myself with a chance to have new items with affordable repayments.”

To apply for a NILs loan, contact Hills Community Aid – or call 9639 8620, Message 0451 573 872 or email [email protected]. Interviews are now conducted over the phone. No Interest Loans are supported by Good Shepherd, the Australian Government, NAB and the NSW Government Office of Fair Trading.

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