New playground at Bella Vista Farm

By Dr Peter Gangemi - Mayor of The Hills Shire Council
I’m pleased to announce that Council has released the designs for a new playground at Bella Vista Farm. Work on the playground is scheduled to begin in August and be completed by October 2022 (weather permitting).

The new play space will mean that families enjoying a picnic at the farm can now stay and play. The playground will include:

  • A tower with spiral slide
  • Junior curved slide
  • Birds nest, infant and strap swings
  • Rope climbs
  • Whirly-go-round
  • Shade structure

This project was originally proposed for funding by Council under the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program – initiated by the Department to allow for faster delivery of ‘legacy’ planning proposals, that is those projects that had received a gateway determination but were not yet fully funded.

New Playground At Bella Vista Farm

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