New Cancer Care Centre

Cancer patients in Sydney’s North West are one step closer to receiving world-class cancer care closer to home, with GenesisCare today announcing five highly specialised radiation oncologists who will be leading the treatment team at GenesisCare, Norwest.

GenesisCare’s new cancer care centre will offer patients rapid access to the latest advancements in radiation therapy and global clinical trials.

The new treatment centre will provide local patients with cancer access to five senior doctors, who have extensive experience treating patients in the Hills District and Western Sydney.

The radiation oncology sub specialist team, who are also currently consulting at GenesisCare Macquarie University Hospital and Norwest Private Hospital, will be led by A/Prof Amy Hayden, A/Prof Eric Hau, A/ Prof Jayasingham Jayamohan, A/Prof Puma Sundaresan and A/Prof Tim Wang. GenesisCare Norwest will open to patients in late 2022.

North West is home to half a million people and is one of Sydney’s primary population growth corridors. Over the past decade, the population has increased by 89,837 people, growing at a rate of 22% over ten years.

Every year, more than 4500 people in the region will be diagnosed with cancer.

Norwest Medical Director and Radiation Oncologist, A/Prof Amy Hayden, said: “Our new centre in Norwest will be a game-changer for local patients with cancer, who will be seen by a team of highly specialised doctors who have deep long-standing partnerships with Norwest Private Hospital, Westmead and Blacktown Public Hospital.

“Having worked in the local community for the past 10 years, we have been huge advocates for a local radiation oncology service in Norwest, and its fantastic to see that this will now become a reality.”

GenesisCare Centre Leader for Norwest and Hills District local, Sam Redfearn, said: “Our team of doctors have extensive experience in their sub-speciality areas and will work closely with referrers, each other, allied health experts and nursing to provide evidence-based, multidisicipinary care to patients.”

GenesisCare Norwest will provide patients and referrers access to treatment pathways across all major tumour streams including breast, prostate, brain, lung, GI, skin, lymphoma and head and neck cancers. Patients will also benefit from novel therapies and clinical trials through GenesisCare’s global research network.

Ms Redfearn. Said: “GenesisCare was founded on the belief that all cancer patients deserve access to highly personalised care, closer to home. Our team of doctors at Norwest are well known and trusted by patients across the Hills District and Western Sydney and will provide personalised, holistic care, tailored to each individual.”

GenesisCare Norwest will open to patients in late 2022 and has the capacity to deliver more than 14,000 treatments to 800 patients a year. Radiation oncology is funded by Medicare and up to 80-90% of the fee is covered. Private health insurance is not required.

Cancer Care Centre

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