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New Bus for Hills Community Aid

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The power of community transport to connect people and places cannot be underestimated. For the past 22 years, Hills Community Aid’s (HCA) community bus has been instrumental to the success of the Tuesday Days Traveller Group which forms part of the Learning in the Hills program.

Thanks to access to HCA’s community bus, hundreds of independent travellers over the years have had the opportunity to explore different sites across Sydney and surrounding areas including gardens, beaches, galleries and places of historical interest whilst having fun and making new friends.

The community bus is driven by volunteers who not only love being part of the service but also have formed friendships with the groups they drive. Roly one of HCA’s longest volunteer drivers, last year handed in his keys after more than 15 years of service. When Roly began driving there was 200,000km, by the time he had finished there was 465,830km on the clock.

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HCA’s community bus is also hired out at a low cost to community groups including sporting groups, Probus Clubs and Friendship Groups, giving them the opportunity to undertake activities without cost of bus hire being prohibitive. Mici Beer, CEO of Hills Community Aid is passionate about the service the community provides and the difference it is making in the lives of others.

“Without access to a community bus, people wouldn’t have the opportunity to explore new places, visit places they haven’t seen in years and make new friends. Two people who recently used our bus, mentioned to me that they hadn’t been to the beach for over 6 years or visited Wollongong for over 10 years, they had a great day and enjoyed putting their feet in the water and listening to the waves.” Mici Beer said.

With incredibly high mileage on the clock and after 22 years of service to the community, the well-loved HCA community bus is set to be retired. However, thanks to funding from State and Local Government, Hills Community Aid has a new bus, a Mitsubishi Rosa, which has been affectionately named Rosie by Hills Community Aid staff and volunteers.

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‘I am immensely grateful for the invaluable support received from Mark Hodges MP, Community Builders Partnership funding, and The Hills Shire Council. Their generous funding has been instrumental in sustaining our community bus program, which in turn supports our community to remain connected, fostering inclusivity, and enriching the lives of our clients” said Mici Beer .

The official launch of the Community Bus will be on 27 March, 10am at Balcombe Heights Estate, Turner Buildings (Learning in The Hills). Everyone is welcome to attend.

The current user groups are excited about the new community bus with many commenting that “the old bus is struggling on the hills more these days”. Rosie’s first outing after her official launch will be with the Tuesday Traveller’s to Fagans Park.

For more information on HCA’s Community Bus and the Tuesday Travellers go to

Michelle Byrne New Bus For Hills Community Aid

Michelle Byrne

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