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Greening the Gables

Hills Shire Council's National Tree Day event will see thousands of plants placed in the new suburb

Gables National Tree Day

There are thousands of reasons to head to the Gables on Sunday 30th July between 9am and noon, where Hills Shire Council will be celebrating National Tree Day with a huge tree-planting event.

The Council is expecting 4,500 trees to be placed at Wheelie Park to increase the amount of greenery in the new suburb. Mayor of the Hills Shire Peter Gangemi shared his excitement for the upcoming event, which community members are encouraged to participate in. “It’s a great initiative where we can give back to the environment, and we can get volunteers involved to help improve the local area in a practical way,” he said.

The Mayor continued, adding that residents will be helping to make the Gables a more environmentally friendly place: “As a council, we’re looking to plant more trees in newly developed areas – they provide more shade and it’s great for the habitat. It’s an initiative that is good for both the environment and the community.”

The Castle Hill Lions Club are thrilled to be providing a free barbeque on the day, eager to provide for the community while they plant trees. The Club’s President Ritesh Duggal is keen to help with the event: “We are here as a Lion’s Club because we care for nature. It’s everyone’s responsibility to save the planet and Mother Earth. We’re planning to have the barbeque so we can all have a little fun while we plant the trees on that day.”

Helen Roth, the Lions Club Zone Chair, shared Ritesh’s anticipation for the National Tree Day event. “We’ll be busy dishing out the sausage sizzles, because I know the Council is expecting quite a large number of people to come – usually about 100,” she said. “It goes from the early hours of the morning right until noon, and from there on, we watch to see the results in the years to come.”

Mayor Peter Gangemi encourages all residents to attend the National Tree Day event. He said: “It’s a great opportunity to improve the area and meet your fellow residents down here. For those with families, you’re right next to Wheelie Park, so the kids can cycle while you plant a tree or two. It’ll be a win-win day, so I really encourage all locals to come down here on the 30th of July.”

The National Tree Day event is at Wheelie Park on Cataract Rd in The Gables.

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