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The Norwest Mentoring Program continues to thrive despite the disruption of the past two years, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and lifelong learning.

Now in its third year, the program aims to build the Norwest community and connect local business leaders with a new generation of employees and entrepreneurs.

Numerous professionals and business owners in Norwest have signed up to the mentoring program from areas spanning information technology, healthcare, management consulting, property investment, leadership coaching, customer services, marketing and advertising. Some mentors have found it so rewarding they have returned to participate the next year.

Mulpha introduced the mentoring program in 2018 to bring together suitable mentors and mentees and provide a structured framework to ensure a sharing of knowledge for both parties.

In the 2021 program, Irene Mafara, a Chartered Accountant who works in the education sector, was teamed up with mentor Greg Robinson whose expertise is in information technology. Greg’s background includes service delivery, strategic selling and organisational transformation for government, utilities, and education.

Irene’s aspirations were to continue her career in finance, but at the same time launch a start-up business that would foster financial literacy in her extended community.

“My mentoring experience has been amazing. Greg has been a great anchor for me as I have mapped out my future career. I have moved to a new job that aligns with my values, beliefs and vision for the next generation and Greg was instrumental in that process,” she said.

Greg Robinson became involved in the mentoring program after attending a Mulpha sponsored community meeting regarding the Smart City Business and Innovation Hub.

“The best business leaders provide encouragement, guidance and direction to colleagues including staff, customers and other stakeholders. This is mentoring. These same leaders have mentors. Understanding mentoring and adopting this approach in the workplace and at home has a positive influence and achieves better results,” said Greg.

“The advantage of an organised program is structure. The Norwest Mentoring Program provides support and makes you realise the positive influence you are having and the positive impact the mentee is having on you. I learned something new in each meeting and I’m sure Irene did as well.”

Mulpha Head of Developments, Tim Spencer said: “Fostering lifelong learning is the key to driving business innovation and creating the vibrant entrepreneurial economy of the future.

“It all starts with people and this program is designed to tap into Norwest’s most valuable resource, the quality of our people. Norwest already has the key attributes for an innovative workplace culture as we have a high proportion of university educated people and a growing number of small-to-medium business startups, with over 800 great businesses employing over 30,000 people.

If we can harness that expertise and energy, the future of Norwest as an economic hub is very bright indeed. As a manager and developer, it’s not just about having the physical infrastructure to support the economy and jobs of the future, it’s about creating a social and business culture to drive innovation.”

Mulpha has partnered with Sydney Hills Business Chamber for 2022’s Norwest Mentoring Program. To be involved in next year’s program, which will run from March to October 2022, visit


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