Move Pumps to Higher Ground

Warragamba dam is already spilling, and more rain is forecast. This leaves low lying flood plains along the Hawksbury River vulnerable to inundation. One local company, Australian Pump, is urging Hills District residents to relocate any river or dam side pumps out of the flood zone.

“A lot of pumps are swept away or destroyed as river levels rise,” said Aussie Pump Brad Farrugia. “It just takes a few minutes to move them to higher ground and can save the hassle of an insurance claim and replacement costs,” he said.

Flood water can also collect in low areas that don’t naturally drain like underground car parks, basements and shopping centres.

Aussie Pump range of trash pump was originally developed for construction sites, mines and quarries. Capable of handling large volumes of dirty water, the pumps are advanced in their efficiency, easy maintenance. They’re simple to use and extremely effective.

The company can supply ‘trashies’ ranging from 2” portable Honda powered pump right up to big 6” models that can handle up to 6,000 litres per minute.

“The reason we’re so enthusiastic about self-priming trash pump is because they are so simple to set up and use. The big open impellers pass mud or silt without clogging and they move water fast.”, said Farrugia.

Call Aussie Pump for further information on their range of trash pumps. 02 8865 3500

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