More Than Just A Job

Local company, Australian Pump Industries, is seeking ambitious, intelligent and hardworking people to join their innovative company. Aussie Pumps is a dynamic ‘home-grown’ business that can provide worthwhile employment opportunities for the right people!

The company is looking for Product Managers and Management interns to join their team. The company offers extensive training but seeks applicants who are career-driven, motivated and genuinely willing to learn.

“Product Managers are expected to acquire a thorough understanding of the product, the market and the competition,” said Aussie Pumps’ Sales Division Manager, Brad Farrugia. “Many of our current product managers started off with little experience in the pump field but with support and training have moved on to run some of our divisions” he said.

Product Managers are involved in the evolving markets, sales leadership and developing marketing strategies. They also engage in dialogue with a range of people including farmers, tradies and government contractors. The company’s products are all designed for the toughest operating conditions, with quality and reliability being the most important factors.

“This is a great opportunity to make a real difference in the water industry and to the prosperity of Australia,” said Farrugia. “The positions offer unlimited opportunities for growth and would be ideal for people able to demonstrate courage, tenacity and ethics.” He said.

If you have a positive ‘can do’ attitude, excellent communication skills and above all, a passion to learn then send your resume through to [email protected]

Local boy makes good! Brad Farrugia joined Aussie Pumps when he was just 18 and has since established a national distribution network, aided product development and contributed to drought-proofing the country