Member for Hawkesbury – Dominic Perrottet MP

NSW Government on Top of Jobs

The number of full-time jobs in New South Wales has grown more than twice as fast as the rest of Australia since the last election.

The ABS data confirmed that over the last 12 months NSW added over 117,000 full-time jobs which is an increase of almost 4.5 per cent. For the 27th consecutive month, NSW has maintained the lowest unemployment rate amongst the states.

Since the 2015 election, over 80 per cent of the jobs created in NSW have been full-time jobs. This was much higher than the rest of Australia where only 38.6 per cent of jobs created over the same period, have been full-time.

Youth unemployment in NSW also continues to be the lowest among the states.

The unemployment rate in NSW has now been equal to or lower than the national average for 45 months and is almost a full percentage point below unemployment in the rest of Australia.

Our unwavering commitment to the people of NSW has been to get the economy moving and create more jobs and we have consistently delivered on that promise.

At the 2015 election the Liberal-National Government committed to creating 150,000 jobs in this term and we have already exceeded that target by almost 50,000 jobs in just over half the time.

In the last year alone, 117,000 full time jobs have been added here in NSW – that’s tens of thousands of families benefiting from our state’s economic growth through the stability and security that full time work offers. We have also created the conditions for a massive addition of 67,500 jobs in Western Sydney.

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