Maximising Water Storage

With the ‘Big Dry’ spreading even into the Hills district, property owners face an expensive winter hand feeding stock and buying in water. Aussie Pumps is out to help owners manage their water resources with their range of transfer pumps.

“We understand the huge amount of water needed to keep animals healthy. It’s not only the cost of buying in water that’s a big concern, but having a reliable source,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. “This issue drove us to develop our ‘Drought Buster’ pumps for efficient water transfer,” he said.

Moving water between dams to maximise water storage and rainfall collection can minimise the effect of drought. Aussie Pump’s big QP 4” pump is ideal for this as it moves large volumes efficiently.

The Aussie’s 4” QP402 is driven by a powerful Yanmar 10hp electric start diesel engine. Aussie Pump Yanmar powered products are thoroughly match tested, with pump design engineers working closely with Yanmar to guarantee that the pumps will provide first class performance and longevity in Australia’s tough rural operating conditions.

The big pumps deliver up to 1600 lpm and have the ability to selfprime up to 8 metres of vertical lift. They feature big, open high SG cast iron impellers suitable for passing small solids in suspension.

The pumps are backed by Aussie Pumps’ unique 5 year guarantee and the engines come with Yanmar’s 2 year warranty.

Further information on the Aussie QP range is available online or from the Aussie Pump distributor network.

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