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Marshmallow Kids Café

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Marshmallow Kids Café: Being a parent or grandparent and spending hours in parks, playgrounds and indoor play centres you quickly become a connoisseur on the topic.

Ee45Cad3 126D 404D 821A 26Eef2Df37Ca Marshmallow Kids CaféYou know exactly where to find the best parks, or the playground with water play or shade clothes or which playground or indoor centre suits which age group better.

There is nothing more exciting for children when you discover a new playground or indoor centre they haven’t seen before and even more exciting for parents when there is a café attached or nearby with decent coffee.

This week with my 8 year old’s at school, I took my youngest daughter Sophie who recently turned 4 to the Marshmallows Kids Café in Castle Hill. Located in Salisbury Road in the Victoria Avenue Industrial Precinct, Marshmallow Kid Café is spread over two levels and is completely different to any indoor playcentre we have been to.

Downstairs in the main café area is a sweet little castle with a slide attached that runs into a massive ball pit. In the back part of the ground floor is a more traditional indoor climbing playground with some seriously fast slides attached that even dare devil Sophie wasn’t prepared to try!


However, what impressed us most and kept us most entertained was upstairs which is all aimed at creative playing and getting children to use their imaginations. There is a section dedicated to playing dress ups and which kid doesn’t enjoy dressing up as a princess or a fireman or a dragon with hats and handbags to match.

68B06F60 A9D8 43C9 9933 43C3280Bcca3 Marshmallow Kids CaféA fruit and vegetable shop, a pizza cart, a kitchen and so much more to play with. Building towers, creating things on the lego wall including a zoo and placing letters on the magnetic wall provided us with fun as did the music area with a piano which the kids can play and sing.

There are party rooms and recently Marshmallow Kids Café introduced a school holiday program for children aged 5 to 9 and including art and dance sessions. The Café itself sells an incredible range of healthy food options such as fruit salad, Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu, Lamb skewers with rice and so much more. The staff are amazing and the café and play areas are sparkling clean.

Of course, all children receive a marshmallow on their way out. Marshmallow Kids Café is very different to any indoor play centre we have visited in the past and I can see that it will easily become a favourite place of ours to visit. For more information on Marshmallow Kids café including opening times please check out their FB page.

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Michelle Byrne

Michelle Byrne

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