Lucky is One in One Thousand

Lucky the 10-year-old ginger and white cat was really lucky when he was spotted for adoption on the Animal Welfare League website by Nicole Freely and picked up from Kellyville Pets this week.

When the COVID-19 restrictions forced the animal rescue charity to close the doors to the public in June this year Kellyville Pets came to the rescue. The pet store has been partnering with Animal Rescue League for many years to help rehome cats and this ramped up during Lockdown with several cats and kittens arriving each day at Kellyville from the animal rescue charity.

On Wednesday (October 6th) it was Lucky’s day. It was a big day too for Kellyville Pets as Lucky became the 1,000th animal it has helped get adopted.

Since 2015 the Kellyville Pets New Life Rescue Program has worked with a number of rescue organisations, including GAP (Greyhounds As Pets) to host adoptions days for animals that need a second chance. The 1,000 pets who have been rehomed (although mostly cats) also includes dogs, reptiles and pythons.

To mark the occasion Kellyville Pets donated $1000 to the Animal Welfare League and $250 to two smaller animal rescue organisations. It also presented Nicole with a huge hamper to take home with Lucky.

Naomi Sinclair, Animal Welfare League’s shelter manager at Kemps Creek said: “We have an invaluable partnership with Kellyville Pets that allows us to rehome our beloved cats and kittens that are desperately in need of a home.

“Kellyville Pets have assisted AWL NSW during the COVID-19 Pandemic immensely by rehoming many kittens and cats whilst AWL NSW had limited rehoming resources.”

She said Lucky arrived at the shelter in April requiring medical attention. The “sweet old street cat” spent six months receiving medical treatment from the veterinary team, including multiple extensive surgeries. “Lucky endeared himself to all staff with his loving temperament and courageous spirit,” she said.

Nicole found Lucky on the Animal Welfare League’s website after losing her own 19 1/2-year-old cats Ron a few months ago. He had been with the family since he was a kitten.

“It was just a spur of the moment thing,” said Nicole. “I started scrolling through the Animal Welfare League’s site and I saw Lucky’s photo. I thought it would be hard to find him a home because he was 10 and had been through a lot. You can see he’s been a street cat.”

Nicole said as soon as she got Lucky home he made himself comfortable and sat next to her daughter purring.

Nicole Dimech from Kellyville Pets said:” It’s been wonderful seeing these animals enjoying a second chance at life. The people who pick them up are very excited. It’s very heartwarming.”

To give a pet a second chance visit the Animal Welfare League at

Love at first sight. Nicole collects
lucky at kellyville pets.