Local company Australian Pump has been scrambling to respond to the demand for pumps and pressure cleaners in the after-mouth of Cyclone Debbie. The storms may be over but the clean-up tasks will take weeks, even months.

Australian Pump, often referred to as Aussie Pumps, recognises the enormity of the task and has set out to assist in the clean-up! Australia’s biggest pressure cleaner manufacturer has thrown the factory into high gear, ramping up production of their popular Aussie Scud Blasters.

Aussie Pumps has been running a ‘Six Good Men’ campaign that has successfully filled a number of positions at the company. With the drive on to increase efficiency and push up production, the team needs to expand further.

The company is based at a 2 ½ acre site in Norwest’s boutique business centre in the Hills district. It was established over 20 twenty years ago, and builds a full range of high quality pressure cleaners and engine drive pumps for contractor and agricultural markets. The site includes the R&D facility, national sales and administration offices as well as the dedicated production area and warehouse complex.

Contact Aussie Pumps for more details on the career opportunities available in production, engineering and in the admin department. (02 8865 3500) Truck being loaded up with Aussie products for urgent overnight delivery to Lismore.

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