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Kerrye Katz Says Her OAM Is For Her Family And Club

Sports 1 2 Kerrye Katz Says Her Oam Is For Her Family And Club
Kerrye, josh, rob and nathan from the highly-successful katz team

One of Australia’s most experienced and respected judo coaches, Kerrye Katz, has been awarded a Medal of the Order (OAM) on the King’s Birthday Honour List this year. The 63-year-old Hills local thrives in coaching roles – she is the Australian under 18 coach, in addition to training special needs children, fouryear- olds and 9-15 age groups at her Budokan Judo Club.

Kerrye is a very successful judoka, having represented Australia at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, World and Oceanic championships, and is a winner of many national, state and Masters titles over the years. Kerrye is one part of a highly-successful judo coaching couple with her husband Rob, her former Olympic coach. They run the phenomenally-successful Budokan Judo Club based in Castle Hills, with their two sons, Nathan and Josh, who are also Olympians.

“This is a big and amazing honour for me, it’s very special,” Kerry told Hills to Hawkesbury Community News. “I was absolutely surprised at being informed of the award and I feel it is not just for me but also for my husband Rob, without whom I won’t be the person I am. This award is also for my family and the judo club because everyone has helped us achieve the success we have. “The Budokan Judo Club provides fantastic support and we are one big family with great role models across all the age groups.

Sports 1 1 Copy Kerrye Katz Says Her Oam Is For Her Family And Club
Kerrye katz oam, with husband rob

“This weekend has been extra special for us because on top of my honour, Rob and I got our sixth dan black belts while my second son Josh was selected for the Paris Olympics. In addition, the club has done very well at the Nationals in Queensland, so it’s been a superb weekend for us.”

Kerrye was selected as a shadow coach at the 2000 Sydney Olympics but elected a role as Fieldof- play Supervisor for SOCOG instead. She lets her judo and coaching do the talking.

The mother of two captured gold medals in the Senior National championships over 10 different years between 1980 and 1993. She used to coach the NSW teams but now concentrates on her national, club and school coaching roles – she is also a special needs teacher at The Ponds School.

Kerrye said her sons Nathan and Josh have always been involved in judo and everyone supports each other. “Rob coached me at the Seoul Olympics and my sons also know how to cope (at the highest level),” Kerrye said. “I feel the others in our club also know what they can achieve by working hard.

“I would like to thank our club vice president Scott Young, who I believe nominated me, Rob, Nathan and Josh, for their support and help. My family is called Team Katz because we are always there for each other.”

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