Julian Leeser, the choice you are making this election

Julian Leeser is proud to be part of a Government that is delivering for our country and for the Berowra community.

We have a plan to grow the economy and reduce the cost of living. We have created 1.2 million jobs and have a plan to create another 1.25 million. Under our government the level of welfare dependence is the lowest in 30 years allowing more people to flourish.

We have reduced the tax burden on individuals and small businesses. And in 2019-20 we are delivering a budget surplus.

Because the coalition policy creates and manages a strong economy we can deliver services people in Berowra need. This is how we are able to deliver NorthConnex which will take 5000 trucks off Pennant Hills Road every day returning the road to our community and allowing people to get around our community faster.

Our strong economic management means we can deliver $10 million to thoroughly plan New Line Road making it shovel ready for State Government investment.

We are investing $1 billion for schools in Berowra – Government, Catholic and Independent. This is the most federal government money that has ever been injected into our schools.

Because of our economic management I have been able to deliver upgrades to sporting facilities at Greenway Park, Headen Park and Pennant Hills Park as well as secure funding for Scouts, sporting, service, religious, educational and creative groups in our community well as the Rural Fire Service.

A Labor Government under Bill Shorten puts all this at risk.

Labor has no plan to grow the economy. Labor only has a plan for $300 billion of new taxes. And Labor’s tax burden falls disproportionately on our community. Labor only has a plan to increase taxes on retirees, families, motorists and small businesses. Labor’s housing tax would put a cooling housing market into the deep freeze.

Under Labor, the Berowra community is always forgotten. Berowra cannot afford a Labor Government. That’s why this election I am seeking your support to keep delivering for our country and our community.


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