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Introducing REDUX for your Hearing Instruments

Ear Studio is the proud owner of a new and innovative hearing instrument dryer, called Redux. The Redux drying machine prevents malfunctioning and prolongs the life of hearing aids in a few simple steps:-

1. FASTER: Redux is proven to dry hearing instruments in about 15 minutes with the push of a button.

2. DRYER: Redux applies endpoint drying technology to maximise moisture removal from treated hearing devices.

3. SMARTER: Redux combines vacuum drying with humidity level measurement to vaporise liquid at a low temperature that is safe for the hearing device.

4. VERIFIED: Redux provides real-time measure of moisture removed during the drying process and reports the total amount on completion.

With the Summer months fast approaching, there are many issues that can be caused by moisture in your hearing aid, and moisture and bacteria can impact the functionality and lifespan of your aids.

For many, the culprit is moisture that can get in unexpectedly and might even damage hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are designed to prevent moisture from entering the outer case and body, but they are not completely waterproof.

Even after a shower, bath, or a swim, you can invite moisture in by immediately putting in your hearing aids without checking if your ears are completely dry.

In addition to letting in moisture from any of these activities, high summer temperatures and intense exercise can cause you to perspire more. When humidity levels rise, more sweat results. Physical activity or even underlying health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol increase the risk of water damage as well.

Just half a microlitre (uL) can cause -30 dB attenuation, and sometimes even complete failure. With the push of a button, Redux treats hearing aids to a state of complete dryness in around 12 minutes!

The recommended drying frequency of your aids is dependent on how much moisture is found during the drying process.

The Redux machine will provide a detailed report on how much moisture was removed and based on this Ear Studio will recommend an appropriate drying cycle for you.

The normal treatment cost is $45, but Ear Studio is offering it during Summer for the special introductory price of $29 per treatment (coffee included!).

Contact Ear Studio on (02) 9159 6122 or visit the website

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