Innovative strategy to activate Windsor

Hawkesbury City Council and Windsor RSL are embarking on a new partnership to launch a revitalisation program for Windsor using a $200,000 grant from Windsor RSL.

The innovative program will involve funding a position to work with Council and existing landowners to activate the ‘High Street’ Commercial Centres of Windsor and South Windsor and boost the local economy. Windsor RSL and Council will engage a specialist practitioner to develop and implement the project, the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett explained.

The initiative aims to achieve many positive outcomes for the community including:

• increasing activity within commercial rental property, particularly properties that are currently vacant

• building upon the historical strengths of Windsor/South Windsor and the wider community

• engaging the local community to build upon the local produce and creativity that is already making a positive impact within Windsor, South Windsor and the wider Hawkesbury community.

“We also hope this initiative will stimulate the local economy of Windsor and South Windsor, and so help to grow the visitor economy, local employment, development and investment,” continued Councillor Lyons-Buckett.

“A Town Centres Masterplan Project Group, which consists of Councillor Danielle Wheeler as Chair and six community representatives, has been formed as part of the Revitalisation Program. The Project Group is assisting Council with the creation of Master Plans for a number of Town Centres within the Hawkesbury Local Government Area,” the Mayor added.

The project’s principle Key Performance Indicators will include:

• reducing vacancies within the Windsor High Street Commercial Centre

• increasing the range of commercial opportunities within the Windsor High Street Commercial Centre

• increased employment opportunities

• increased local and regional tourism.

For more information about the new initiative to revitalise Windsor and surrounds, please contact Council’s Placemaking Coordinator Charles Liggett on 4560 4527.


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