Marie-Jeanne “MJ” Bowyer is standing as an Independent Candidate for Hawkesbury at the State election on March 23.

The mother of four and grandmother of two has lived in Grose Vale for 21 years.

She is a volunteer with Hawkesbury Rural Fire Service (since 2001).

She is also a member of The Bells Line of Road Community Action Group (BLORCAG) after first hearing about the BLOR superhighway proposal in 1998.

“I was appalled at the unnecessary destruction this would impose on the Hawkesbury..” She said.

“I have spent the past 20 years pushing back against this jurassic concept while still being considerate of the fact that the communities west of the ranges have a reasonable claim to better, safer and faster access to the coast.”

“I love the rural/semi-rural amenity of our district , the country atmosphere of our towns, our suburbs, and our farms or orchards.

“Each and every resident I talk to tells me they want to keep the Hawkesbury that way. Instead we have had to endure the systematic destruction of our area by the existing State Government for too long.

“The Hawkesbury has to move forward but “progress” is not measured in how much concrete developers can throw on good land.

“We need real community consultation from the ground up – not poor planning from the top down.

“I am standing for: Better Services, Better Planning, Better Consultation, and Better Representation.”

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