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Hornsby Shire Council to Build a Resilient and Connected Community Through Social Initiatives, Arts and Culture

Opportunities for young people to live, study and enjoy life in Hornsby Shire, the chance for people to walk and cycle around the area, and the space for diverse community voices to be heard are just some of the ways that Hornsby Shire Council will work to create a socially sustainable Shire.

These initiatives and more are outlined in the draft Hornsby Shire Social Plan, adopted at last night’s Council meeting for public exhibition.

“As we look ahead to 2034, we want Hornsby Shire to be a place for people and nature to thrive alongside each other, with a community that is welcoming, inclusive, connected and resilient,” said Hornsby Shire Mayor the Hon Philip Ruddock AO.

“The draft Hornsby Shire Social Plan 2024-34 sets out the social issues and priorities that the community has told us are most important – to guide the provision of services, facilities and programs, and to meet the needs of the Hornsby Shire community in an inclusive and equitable way.”

In preparing the draft Social Plan, Council undertook extensive community engagement, including community forums, pop-ups and an online survey, to understand the most significant social needs and issues facing residents. Affordable housing, community connection and availability of open space were identified as some of the greatest needs.

The draft Plan details initiatives and programs Council will deliver across three key areas: a welcoming and inclusive Hornsby Shire, a connected community, and a healthy and resilient community.

“We look forward to continuing our relationship working with the community and partners to support a thriving Hornsby Shire,” continued Mayor Ruddock.

The Hornsby Shire Social Plan 2024-34 is on public exhibition until 6 June 2024. To have your say visit

Draft Hornsby Shire Social Plan Adopted At Last Nights Council Meeting For Public Hornsby Shire Council To Build A Resilient And Connected Community Through Social Initiatives, Arts And CultureAlso last night, Council adopted the draft Hornsby Shire Arts and Cultural Plan, which recognises the importance of creative pursuits in the health and wellbeing of our community, for public exhibition.

Drafted following community and stakeholder consultation, the Plan outlines how Council will achieve objectives in four strategic focus areas:

  • Creating places and spaces for the arts to flourish
  • Activating Hornsby Shire through arts and creativity
  • Supporting our creative community
  • Communicating and connecting to engage our community.

“By supporting a diverse range of artistic expressions, local government can build a sense of belonging and pride among residents. Cultural events, festivals, and public art installations contribute to the shared identity of a community, fostering social connections and a sense of place,” Mayor Ruddock said.

The draft Hornsby Shire Arts and Cultural Plan is on exhibition until 6 June 2024 at

During last night’s meeting, Council:

  • Received a Mayoral Minute about the passing of Lindsey Browne
  • Acknowledged the continuing challenges that the ongoing trial of the Brooklyn Parking scheme has presented to the local community and acknowledged correspondence received from the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure – Crown Lands and Public Spaces.

Council resolved to convene a meeting between with the community to discuss a range of proposals and suggestions, and determined the next steps for how Council will approach this issue.

  • Received and noted the March 2024 Quarter Review of the Operation Plan (Budget) with amendments to the Revised Capital Works Program around an off-leash dog area at Fagan Park.
  • Appointed an additional six experts to the Hornsby Local Planning Panel.
  • Endorsed progression of the Heritage and Housekeeping Planning Proposal for submission to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure and resolved to publicly exhibit the Planning Proposal.
  • Resolved to place the draft Hornsby Development Control Plan 2024 on public exhibition.
  • Following a notice of motion by Councillor Waddell, resolved to bring the proposal of an off-road bike facility near Galston Aquatic Centre to a Councillor briefing before the end of this Council term.

The full agenda of the meeting, along with details of this item, can be found at

The video recording of the meeting is available Now

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