Hills Shire Council is targeting “tossers” to stop littering and keep our region clean

Hills Shire Council rangers will be out in force this month to catch litterbugs.

The litter enforcement blitz, funded by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), aims to educate people to put rubbish in the bin or take it with them instead of littering from their vehicles.

Fines can range from $250 for individuals to $500 for corporations.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Councillor Yvonne Keane said the campaign would send a clear message that littering was not acceptable in our “beautiful shire”.

“Litter, especially roadside litter, damages our natural environments, harms wildlife, can injure people and make our public spaces less safe,” Mayor Keane said.

“We need the help of the whole community to make our Shire a cleaner and more pleasant place to be.”

According to the EPA, over 25,000 tonnes of litter is tossed on the ground across the state each year.

Research shows people are less likely to litter if they think someone is watching.

For more information, visit: www.epa.nsw.gov.au.

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