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Hills District RFS Medal Presentation Ceremony

I was delighted to be invited to attend The Hills District NSW RFS Medal Presentation Ceremony recently.

It was a pleasure to see the brave men and women of the RFS being recognised and awarded for their bravery and their dedication to the community they serve.

One Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal, three National Emergency Medals, five Long Service Medals, and thirteen National Medals were awarded at the presentation.

In an age where service work is on a rapid decline, any Australian who makes the sacrifice of time and often comfort, may stand proud knowing that they have served their country, and more personally, the people in their communities.

This rings twice as true for those who volunteer with NSW Rural Fire Service, the largest volunteer firefighting organisation in the world. In times of natural disaster, these brave volunteers made a choice, and put themselves in the fire’s line to protect people, property, and national bushland.

Their bravery, sacrifice, commitment, and service is admired and appreciated by our community and by our nation. And it is right that we should award them and honour them for all that they have done in service of us all. Thank you to The Hills District RFS for all you do for our community, and congratulations to those members who have been recognised for their service.

Hills District Rfs Medal Presentation Ceremony

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