Hills District Little Athletes Compete in National Athletics Event

The Australian Junior Athletics Championships were held in Brisbane from the 13th to the 16th of April, and 32 athletes from the Hills District Little Athletics club participated in the event.

Qualifying for the Athletics Australia Nationals is a remarkable accomplishment, and the club hopes that the athletes gave their best effort. The club is proud of their performances and hopes that they are equally proud.

Congratulations to all of the following:
– Hayden Free: BRONZE MEDAL U13 Javelin
– Ruby Kernaghan: BRONZE MEDAL U14 400m and 7th 200m
– Olivia Scott-Rogers: GOLD MEDAL U14 High Jump, 14th 80m Hurdles and 15th 200m
– Mitchell Klomp: 9th U14 Javelin
– Maddison Harris: 6th U13 Javelin
– Hannah King: 18th U15 Javelin
– Angelina Burford : 5th U15 200m Hurdles, 11th 90m Hurdles and 14th 200m
– Isabella West: 11th U l15 Hammer Throw
– Jack Proudford: BRONZE MEDAL U15 200m and 5th 100m
– Nicholas McNally: 12th U15 800m
– Harrison Ferns: 4th U15 2000m Steeplechase and 12th 3000m
– Ashwin Ramaswamy: 15th U15 Triple Jump
– Keegan Free: 10th U15 Javelin
– Sophie Schultz: 17th U17 2000m Steeplechase and 17th 1500m
– Mikayla Muscat: 8th U16 90m Hurdles
– Tanisha Kumar: 4th U16 Pole Vault
– Molly Jovanovic: 13th U16 Hammer Throw
– Amelia Brice: 18th U16 Hammer Throw
– Kane Robson: U16 3000m Walk
– Annissa Quee : GOLD MEDAL U17 200m, GOLD MEDAL U18 4x100m Relay and 11th 100m
– Dylan Illangantilake: 21st U17 100m and 22nd 200m
– Parker Bohman: GOLD MEDAL U17 400m Hurdles and 10th 400m
– Amir Saeedi: 19th U17 400m
– Daniel Kasozi: 5th U 17 Shot Put and 15th Javelin
– Tuliana Kabuyawa: 15th U18 100m and 15th 200m
– Ainslie McNally: 11th U18 400m
– Marley McKenzie: 24th U18 800m
– Lucie Francis: BRONZE MEDAL U 18 2000m Steeplechase and 15th 3000m
– Talahn Paki: BRONZE MEDAL U18 400m Hurdles, 8th 100m Hurdles and 16th Long Jump
– Avalene Tandog: 8th U18 400m Hurdles and 10th 100m Hurdles
– Ella Munroe : U18 5000m Walk
– Sadheel Kumar: GOLD MEDAL U18 4x100m Relay, 8th 100m and 10th 200m
– Liam Roche : 24th U18 200m
Athletics Hills District Little Athletes Compete In National Athletics Event

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