Heavenly Voices!

By Anita Stevens 
They huddled around the campfire. Smoke rose into the air. The moon and stars shone brightly. All seemed so peaceful there When singing broke the silence- such a heavenly voice! It swelled and grew much louder – Amazed, they looked around…

The voices seemed above them, angelic, from on high And suddenly they saw them appearing in the sky! A joyous host of angels – such a wondrous sight Singing to the shepherds. It gave them quite a fright!

One angel sang the sweetest with a melodic range Sharp as a violin with a message, quite strange: “Fear not!” She reassured them, “We’ve tidings of goodwill. Get up, go to Bethlehem. Leave your flocks on the hill.

There you will find a baby who was just born tonight In a lowly cattle stall – Don’t miss this wondrous sight! He’s your promised Messiah – Glory to God on High! Tread softly, do not wake Him; your salvation is nigh!”

They sang another chorus, gently faded away Leaving those shepherds awestruck, not knowing what to say…“A baby in a manger! -Saviour of the world! Why tell us? We’re just shepherds, this wondrous news, unfurled?

We’d better go and find him to see if this is true, This message from the angels who came out of the blue.” And just as they predicted a star shone brightly there Above that lowly stable, so they entered with care And found that tiny baby sleeping there on the hay With his mother and father at the break of the day “Hosanna in the highest!” that host of angels sang.“Glory to God in the highest!” Heavenly voices rang!

Heavenly Voice

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