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Way to H2Go!

By Karlene Brummer

Trevor Newstead of Glenorie has been a Water Carter in the local area for over 15 years. He has recently sold his business, H2Go to Arcadian Resident Charlie Herbert.

With over 500 regular customers on the books, it is hard to believe that there are so many homeowners in the community who are not connected to the mains and rely on water tanks to service their households.

After a decade and a half, Trevor has decided to call it a day with the Water deliveries and spend more time concentrating on his Show Bag business, which takes him around the country following Agricultural Shows and Fairs.

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When asked what he will miss the most Trevor said it would be, the customers, the stunning locations he delivered to, and the autonomy the business provided him.

“But I won’t miss the sometimesdifficult access points and the distance travelling to constantly refuel the Truck.” Ironically, a new Service Station is mooted to be built almost next door to where he currently lives!

Father of four, Charlie, who has lived and worked in the area for most of his life, promises to continue to maintain the same friendly service provided by Trevor – and in fact Trevor will still be filling in on occasion to give Charlie a break, and help with the transition of ownership.

H2Go delivers right across most parts of the Hawkesbury, Hills and Hornsby Shires so for more information or to book a water delivery please call or text Charlie on: 0438 663 047.

And a last word from Trev: “Thank you to all the Community for supporting the business for the last 15 years”.

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