Grose Vale RFS celebrates 75 years!

Congratulations to Grose Vale Rural Fire Brigade who recently celebrated their 75th anniversary.
Current and past members, their families and friends come along to celebrate this milestone event.
Congratulations also to Robert ‘Chippa’ Turner who was awarded his fourth clasp, for his 50 Years of Long Service to not only Grose Vale, but the NSW Rural Fire Service.
Well done to all involved in organising this special event.
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Past and present captains (l-r) paul dillon, paul ware, max ryan, alan cox and current captain wayne dillon.
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All members past and present and their families.
Robert Turner And His Wife Diane With Captain Wayne Dillon And Superintendent Karen Hodges With His 50Th Medal.
Robert turner and his wife diane with captain wayne dillon and superintendent karen hodges with his 50th medal.

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