Grass Fires Move Fast

Recent summer rain has led to a huge increase in foliage and grass growth. It takes just a few hot days for this to dry out, turn into tinder and fuel fast moving grass fires.

Just as destructive as bushfires, grass fires are nimble and can get out of control fast. Living in the Hills District means being aware of the dangers and planning for the worst.

Joe from the Hills District, was faced with the task of protecting his home and contacted Hills Irrigation in Castle Hill for assistance. He had a dam on the property however the challenge was to move sufficient water to protect several buildings. This is a bigger job than a standard portable fire pump can achieve.

“I went with Aussie Pumps because they are a local manufacturer. I chose Hills Irrigation because they were able to design and install the complete system,” said Joe.

The Aussie Pump team have created a video of Joe’s installation, showing system set up, and the ability of the pump to throw a complete “water halo” to protect against ember attack.

For details check online or contact Hills Irrigation at Castle Hill on 02 9659 9659.
Aussie Is Hiring Jan 2022 Grass Fires Move Fast

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