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Glenorie Probus Club Activities

Glenorie Probus Club has continued its practice of having interesting and exciting activities.

The New Year commenced with Lunch in January at which the members were able to discuss their activities over Christmas and plans for the year.

The first visit for the year was a trip to Warragamba dam which was very well received. A number of members commented that they had not been there since the late 1900’s.

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It was a good time to visit the dam given it is very close to full and there is talk of increasing the height and hence we were able to visualise some of the effects of this action. This was accompanied by Lunch at Warragamba and afternoon tea at Luddenham.

Next event was the club visiting the Ramses exhibition. This was very informative and the members found the Virtual Reality session a new and memorable experience. The visit was very educational as many were not aware of the life and achievements of Ramses.

The Club is planning a number of speakers at our April meeting who will each give a short talk on war events related to Anzac Day.

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