Getting Mobility

A mobility scooter enhances the independence of its user. It opens up possibilities for someone with limited or restricted mobility.

Comfort Discovered has a huge range of mobility scooters and accessories in stock. Some are also on sale. Established in 1984, Comfort Discovered staff have a wealth of knowledge about mobility aids and can help select the most appropriate movement equipment.

There is an opportunity to test drive a variety of models. The most commonly used accessories for a movement scooter are also in stock.

A Scooter Flag is a must for every scooter as it improves the visibility of mobility equipment as they are out in the public or private space. Using a flag ensures that the mobility scooter is safe not just for its user but also for the general public. There are bags and baskets that can be fixed either in front or rear of the scooter and a canopy to shield the user from the sun and light showers. Other specialised accessories include a walking stick holder, walker carrier, crutch holder, bottle and phone holder.

If people need help with bigger items they are available too including an oxygen tank holder, golf bag carrier, wheely bin carrier and that all-important pet carrier. Distance is no longer a problem either as there are scooters that will travel up to 40 km and can take appropriate weights.

Visit for more information or call 9987 4500 to arrange a test drive. Comfort Discovered has a large showroom at 73, Jersey St North Hornsby (Cnr of Bridge Rd).