Get Set for Bushfires

Living in the Hills District means living ‘Bushfire Ready’. One local company Australian Pump Industries has released an updated Bushfire Survival Guide to assist residents prepare for the fire season.

The guide not only covers basic home preparation but includes detailed information for those looking to actively protect their properties. It assists with pump selection and setting up a reticulation system with sprinklers to defend buildings. That ‘halo’ protection around the house can be a lifesaver!

“While we all hope for the best, we should prepare to the worst,” said Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia. “We live in the beautiful Urban Interface and should be prepared for bushfires well before there’s smoke on the horizon.”

The new issue includes preparation checklists, as well as tips for livestock and horse protection. There are even links to videos of fire pump installations to show what is possible.

Copies of the Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide are available from Aussie Pump distributors or on their website


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