Galston Open Gardens, 20th-22nd October 2017.

20th-22nd October 2017.

Spring is in the air, with warm days encouraging some of the blossoms to bloom and daffodils are appearing.

Our Open Gardens Committee and the garden owners who will be opening their gardens are now in full swing getting things organised for the Open Gardens Weekend on 20th-22nd October 2017. This is our major fundraiser for the year and many charities benefit as all profits go to the charities that have been selected by the garden owners and the committee.

We have 8 beautiful gardens, all different with a variety of ideas and displays we can all emulate in our own gardens, big and small. So walking shoes on, cameras at the ready let’s look at four of the gardens and head on up to “Highlands” in Arcadia a park styled garden with meandering pathways through woodlands, formal gardens and a large collection of roses, this is the first time the garden has been opened. Still in Arcadia “Paradise Found” has a Balinese hut and rainforest style plantings with a wide range of perennials, rose gardens and shade house.

Going out towards Glenorie to another first timer is “Gleneagle” a modern style garden established from an empty paddock 10 years ago, the living areas are beautifully integrated with the house and there is a lot of garden art to appreciate. As you start to make your way back to Galston and Dural “Boulevarde” in Mid Dural was open a few years ago so it will be lovely to see how this garden has continued to evolve, this property has natural rock outcrops, with large sculptures and home to a great collection of native plants as well as a conifer garden and smaller exotics plus the added bonus of a shade house and hot house which contain an interesting collection of unusual plants.

We’ll check out the other four next issue. The gardens are open from 9.30-4.30 tickets are $20 which gives entrance to all gardens, or $5 per garden, children under 18 free. For enquiries: Bill Fleming 9653 2394, check our website or email: [email protected] com

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