Fresh New Look at Alive 90.5

By Leonie Dixon
There was an exodus from the Board of Directors at Alive 90.5 last month, creating 5 vacant positions. Andsley Dennis was elected to take over as the new Chairman, relinquishing his role as Treasurer.
Dorothy Krishnan, qualified in bookkeeping and a new volunteer to the station, has now stepped into that role.

To fill the vacant Deputy Chair role Rage Pringle was nominated and Julie Jordan was persuaded to return to secretarial duties.

Ross Fear and Emma Walter remain on the Board filling the role of Education and Grants Ambassadors while Lesley Spaliviero, an experienced IT person has come on board to assist with the very important role of keeping the station on air 24/7.

I have made a return with the Membership portfolio. With the qualifications and wide range of experience these people have, we expect to bring to the community an even more vibrant sound.

The mission of the station is “To entertain, inform, engage and educate our local, cultural, social and musical communities.” To that endeavour, the new Board continues to ensure the Music Team chooses music in keeping with surveys carried out about music preferences in our listening area.

There has been an influx of new members keen to become presenters, so an intensive training program has begun, with many current presenters happy to mentor them. This means that most of the station curated music programs will soon disappear and be replaced with on-air presenters who are really looking forward to providing a huge variety of shows.

Ross Fear, the Education Ambassador has been responsible for organising seminars on subjects of interest to presenters, but also advertises in the wider community such courses as podcasting and canva, as we now have sufficient seating for at least 20 people to attend.

More initiatives from the Board include following up on the construction of our new broadcasting tower and ramp (through the Hills Shire Council), which is planned for April.

Thanks to a grant we will also be able to replace panels in both studios making for a much crisper sound and ease of use for the announcers.

Finally, the Board will ensure the viability of the station for the next 4 years by submitting all the necessary documentation to CBAA for our licence renewal.

New Chairman Andsley Dennis said: “At Alive 90.5 FM we continually strive to have an inclusive workplace, where individuals of varied backgrounds and perspectives are welcomed, encouraged, and given the opportunity to contribute to their full potential.

“In March we came together to recognise Harmony Week (pictured) and celebrate diversity and multiculturalism. Whilst harmony and cohesion are relevant every day of the year, harmony week allowed us to take some time and continue the constructive conversations about cultural diversity in our workplace.”

Alive 90.5FM is a great place to join as a member. Please visit our website to find out more

Alive 90.5

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