Flood Warning Updates

FLOOD WARNING: Unfortunately it appears the worse case scenario has eventuated with the weather system.

it has now tracked north and is delivering heavy rain in the basin.

This, combined with the earlier extreme rainfall in the Upper Nepean system and Warragamba Dam continuing to spill, is going to really push the river levels higher.

The most recent BoM Flood Warning is predicting the following river levels:

North Richmond 7.9m overnight, with further rises probably if the rain continues up to a maximum of 11.8m tomorrow.

– Windsor 5.8m overnight, with a maximum of 9.8m by Saturday.

– Sackville to reach 4.6m Friday night, to a maximum of 5.8m by Saturday (EDIT: not 9.8m)

– Colo River is currently only expected to reach a minor flood level of 4m tomorrow.

– Yarramundi bridge will most likely be impacted this evening given the predicted heights at North Richmond, and the current height at Castlereagh of 5.75m, rising at 0.75m hours.

Rainfall in the Grose Valley and the Blue Mountains does not appear to be too heavy for now and this may assist North Richmond avoiding the potential peaks and bridge closure.

With the bridge at 8.4m high, any closure will be dependent upon Transport NSW.

Source – https://www.facebook.com/HawkesburyFloodStatisticsUnit/

Flood Warning

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