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Help For Fire Family

Bec Abby And Joel Help For Fire Family

Fire Family Fundraiser
Locals have banded together to help a Maraylya family after their heritage home and everything they owned was destroyed by fire on Thursday, 4th January.

Bec Mills, partner Joel Ignacz and their daughter Abby had just left for a short holiday trip when fire broke out in their home of ten years.

Fire crews arrived just after 11.30am to see flames spreading through the 85-year-old weatherboard building, the former St John Evangelist Church in St John’s Road, Maraylya.

Firefighters from Oakville RFS, Hillside and Box Hill Nelson worked alongside Riverstone Fire and Rescue crew to contain the fire.

The family’s 2-year-old Ragdoll cat Pearl escaped with singed whiskers and was taken to a local vet but the family’s other much-loved cat, Boris a 4-year-old Burmese (pictured), is yet to be found.

They are hoping he will be found soon.

Some of the hardest losses have been photographs of Bec’s late father Wayne Mills who taught at Glenorie Public School and Oakville Public School and died 15 years ago. Also lost in the fire was a ring he made that was handed down to Bec.

Fire Family Fundraiser

Her twin sister Megan Mills set up a GoFund Me page which raised over $28,000 in 24 hours. The total is now $40,450 as locals support the long-time local residents.

Rebecca was a Student Learning Support Officer at both Glenorie Public School and Middle Dural Public School for many years before taking on the office administration role at Glenorie Public School. Joel works at Toongabbie Sports Club and Abby will be starting Year 5 at school this year.

Megan said the couple had been “overwhelmed” by the community support they had received already.

“On the 4th of January, Bec, Joel and Abby’s home in Maraylya was made unliveable in a house fire, just hours after they took off to try and enjoy a summer holiday at the south coast. Their two gorgeous cats, Boris and Pearl escaped the blaze, with Pearl being taken to an animal hospital for treatment. Boris is sadly missing.

“Bec and her family are luckily not hurt, which we are so grateful for, but everything of theirs, built up as precious possessions over 10 years living on St John’s Rd is unsalvageable, leaving the family of 3 with little to their name, and a house unlivable, just weeks before school goes back.

“Anything not burnt is melted beyond repair, from furniture to toothbrushes, clothing to bedding, appliances to food and medication, they are starting from scratch.

Fire Family Fundraiser“Support purchasing school supplies, school uniforms etc would help get Abby ready to return to school without additional financial burden on the family, as they look to use all their disposable income in rebuilding and regaining what was lost in the fire.

Megan went on to write that donations could also be used to care for the family cats Pearl and Boris (if Boris is found) and for counselling support for the family after the traumatic event.

“I know I am biased, Bec, Joel and Abby are some of the most selfless people I know, and I’m absolutely positive of the impact they’ve made on their friends, family, and our Glenorie community.

Now’s the time to get behind these guys and show them the same support.” she said. Photos are from the GoFund Me page and Oakville RFS Facebook page.

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