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Feline Fine: Cat Awareness in May And June

Cat Awareness in May And June 2024

Cats are experts at hiding illness. Regular check ups with your vet will ensure that we catch any potential illnesses early, leading to happier and healthier lives.

More and more of us are choosing cats as their companions, yet cats receive fewer veterinary check ups than our canine companions.

The Importance of Dental Care
Just like humans, cats need regular dental care to prevent dental problems that can cause pain and serious health issues. Plaque, tartar, and gum disease are common issues among cats, with 70% of them developing periodontal disease by the age of two.

Spotting Dental Issues
Bad breath, yellow and brown tartar deposits on the teeth, bleeding gums, and difficulty eating are classic indicators of a dental issue. Regular teeth brushing or using dental wipes, along with special dental food, can help maintain your cat’s oral health.

Taking Action Ensure your cat’s dental health by scheduling regular check-ups with your vet—at least once a year, if not every six months. During these visits, your vet can assess your cat’s dental health and recommend appropriate at home care or a dental procedures if necessary.

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General Health Tips for Cats

• Provide enough litter trays, preferably one more than the number of cats you have.
• Use shallow dishes for feeding to prevent feline acne.
• Enrich their environment with scratching posts and toys for mental and physical stimulation.
• Offer multiple water sources throughout your home to encourage hydration.

Book Your Free Dental Check
Take the first step in ensuring your cat’s health by booking a free dental check with a vet nurse at your local Sydney Animal Hospital. Don’t wait until it’s too late – prevention is better than a cure.

For more information or to schedule your appointment, visit our website or call your nearest Sydney Animal Hospital now.

Cat Health Awareness Ad Feline Fine: Cat Awareness In May And June

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