Federal Member for Mitchell – The Hon Alex Hawke MP

As your Federal Member of Parliament, I can assist with:

• Represent you in Federal Parliament
• Liaise with Minister and Federal Government departments on your behalf
• with congratulatory messages for 50th or 60th Wedding Anniversary and 90th or 100th Birthdays
• Australian Defence Medal (ADM) and Saluting their Service commemorations program – Certificates of Appreciation

The Greens political campaign against Australia Day

Recently, a small minority of Councils attempted to scrap Australia Day on January 26.

The Turnbull Government has responded strongly and stripped the power from the City of Yarra Council to hold Citizenship ceremonies in response to its decision to cancel Australia Day celebrations. We are strongly committed to protecting the integrity of our national day. The overwhelming majority of Australians support Australia Day remaining on January 26.

This month I wrote to all local councils reminding them of their duties under the Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Code (‘the Code’).

Australia Day is an important national celebration that allows all of us to come together and celebrate Australian values, culture and our nation’s great story.

I assure you all that I will continue to fight for Australia Day to be held on 26 January, as it always has been. Two weeks ago I spoke to Ben Fordham on 2GB and was interviewed on The Bolt Report and other radio programs. To listen to these interviews please visit www.alexhawke.com.au.

To stay in touch with developments with the Australia Day issue or any other matter follow my facebook page at https://www. facebook.com/alexhawkempmitchell/.

Turnbull Government cracking down on Drug Users on Welfare

Hardworking Australians would not expect that their tax dollars would be used to fund the drug habits of welfare recipients. The Turnbull Government is cracking down on welfare recipients using drugs by introducing drug testing for recipients of the Newstart and Youth Allowance. The trial will commence on 1 January 2018 and will apply to 5,000 randomly selected welfare recipients.

In NSW there will be about 1750 from the Canterbury-Bankstown area from 1 January 2018 that will be affected by the new scheme.

Welfare recipients that test positive will have 80% of their payments quarantined on a cashless welfare card for 24 months and those who fail more than once will be referred to medical assessment and treatment.

This program will ensure people with substance abuse issues are getting the help they need and that Australians have confidence their taxes aren’t being used to fund illegal lifestyles.

Getting our young people into work and out of the cycle of substance abuse is in line with our Liberal values of individualism and self-help. The government is continuing to make sure tax

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