Federal Member for Mitchell – Hon Alex Hawke MP

As your Federal Member of Parliament, I can assist with:

• Represent you in Federal Parliament

• Liaise with Minister and Federal Government departments on your behalf

• with congratulatory messages for 50th or 60th Wedding Anniversary and 90th or 100th Birthdays

• Australian Defence Medal (ADM) and Saluting their Service commemorations program – Certificates of Appreciation

Providing affordable access to new treatment for leukaemia and lymphoma

Leukaemia and lymphoma patients in Mitchell will benefit from affordable access to a new medicine, with the Turnbull Government subsidising the drug.

Ibrutinib (sold as Imbruvica®) would normally cost $187,390 on average per course of treatment, putting it beyond the reach of most patients.

This $466 million listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) will save patients hundreds of thousands of dollars. From 1 December 2018, it will cost a maximum of $38.80 per treatment and just $6.30 for concessional patients.

More than 60 new cancer medicines or amended listings have been approved by the Coalition Government since October 2013.

Pensioner Concession Card reinstated for former Mitchell part-pensioners

Former part-pensioners in Mitchell will have their Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) reinstated from this week.

In reinstating the PCC, the Turnbull Government is ensuring that these 90,000 former part-pensioners, including 833 in Mitchell will be able to access those benefits again in the future. The PCC will be automatically reinstated from this week commencing Monday, 9th October and it’s expected that all those eligible will have their card within the next fortnight. Those expecting a reissued card don’t need to do anything to receive it, it will be sent to them automatically.

They will also retain the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, which continued to be provided after the January 2017 pension changes. This means they will continue to be paid the energy supplement that they formerly received with their pension.

For more information about reinstatement of the pensioner concession card, go to www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/ news/pensioner-concession-card-reinstatement

For more information on assets levels go to www.humanservices. gov.au/individuals/enablers/assets.

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