Evacuation Order

The NSW SES Hawkesbury Unit have issued the following evacuation order:

PARTS OF NORTH RICHMOND NEED TO EVACUATE NOW There is a likely chance that the Redbank Dam will fail and cause flooding to properties below the dam. NSW SES is directing people within North Richmond to evacuate the high danger area:

• Southern Cross Drive
• Spitfire Way
• Grainger Place
• Bradley Road
• Tyne Crescent
• Campbell Street
• Yvonne Place
• Michael Street north west of Gregory Street
• Northern side of Gregory Street
• Stephen Street north west of Arnold Street
• Pecks Road between Mokari Street and Bradley Road
• Elizabeth Street north west of Campbell Street
• Trent Place
• William Street north west of Charles Street
Where to go: Stay with family or friends outside the impacted area
Simple things you can do now:
• Lift personal possessions and important items above the predicted flood height.
• Take pets, essential items, warm clothes, medicines, insurance documents and valuables with you.
•Leave as early as possible to avoid restricted road access
•Share this information with family, friends and neighbours and help others where possible.
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