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Nurturing Emotional Fitness In Children

Fit Nurturing Emotional Fitness In Children

This year Fit Kidz Learning Centres, owned by locals Mick and Mel Scaife, celebrate 20 years in the Early Learning sector shaping young minds, preparing children for the transition to school and supporting local families in the early education and care of their children.

Through play and the use of puppets Melissa has written a social skills program aiming to support the emotional wellbeing of hundreds of young people. The ‘Be Me’ program is aimed to support children in developing various skills through a variety of books, games, and puppets.

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“Not surprisingly, research clearly shows, children who are mentally healthy are better able to meet life’s challenges. They are also better learners and have stronger relationships, therefore it is our responsibility to support this area of growth and development” says, Melissa.

The program covers topics such as greeting others, making friends, taking turns, identifying feelings, managing frustrations to name a few.

Monthly messages are shared throughout the classrooms, and information is then shared with families so the message can be further discussed at home.

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Melissa shares, “By nurturing confidence and resilience in our children through this program and our everyday interactions of encouragement and positive reinforcement, our Educators lay the groundwork for a lifetime of success and happiness. The children are responding beautifully to this program and are so receptive to these important life lessons.”

Emotional fitness in childhood lays the foundations for the future, and it is never too early for families to start supporting the mental health of children.

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