Eddie Dogramaci FAQ


Immediate Work on Bypasses
Both Windsor and Pitt Town are rapidly growing areas in Sydney’s northwest, and with growth comes increased traffic congestion. One solution to this problem is the construction of bypasses around these towns. Bypasses are designed to divert through-traffic around the congested area, thereby reducing travel time and improving safety for drivers.

Not only will bypasses reduce congestion on local roads, but they will also provide a more efficient route for those travelling long distances. In addition, the construction of bypasses can have a positive economic impact by facilitating freight movement, supporting local businesses and attracting new investment.

Employing Local
Supporting local workers, especially tradespeople, can have many positive impacts on a community. By hiring local tradespeople, you’re not only keeping money circulating within the community but also promoting personalized service and building a sense of community.

Local tradespeople have a better understanding of the local environment and culture, which can be beneficial in ensuring that the job is done right and to your satisfaction. Investing in the future of your community through supporting local workers can create a strong and vibrant local economy. So, let’s work together to support local businesses and make our communities thrive!

Make Rates Fair
By reducing land ownership rates, we can provide relief to hardworking families and stimulate economic growth. We will identify inefficiencies and areas where savings can be made without compromising essential services. Our goal is to ensure that rates remain affordable while maintaining the quality of life that our communities deserve.

Fix The Roads
We believe that well-maintained roads are essential to ensure safe and efficient travel for all members of our community. Potholes not only cause damage to vehicles but also pose a significant safety risk for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Hear Eddie speak at the Pitt Town Progress Association’s Candidate Meeting Night, held on the 8th of March:


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