After 40 years of creativity and a lot of talking, the Creative Activities group at Castle Hill’s Seventh Day Adventist Church is still going strong.

To celebrate four decades of friendship and fellowship there will be a Creative Activities lunch on June 22.

Carolyn Sherriff said her mum, June Long, who started Creative Activities in 1979 would never have foreseen that the program would still be running 40 years later..

“Even though the program is called Creative Activities, the most enduring thing that holds it all together each week is friendship,” said Carolyn.

“We joke sometimes that we should have a talking class because some days, that’s ALL that happens.”

“On June 22, we’re celebrating not just the vision of June Long to start the program all those years ago, and not just the many dedicated volunteers, teachers and helpers over the past 40 years, but we celebrate friendship that encourages, uplifts and endures.”

Anyone who has attended Creative Activities in the past and would like to join the special service at lunch at 11am on June 22 at Castle Hill SDA church, 86 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill), should email Carolyn Sherriff at [email protected] or text: 0416 077 291 for further information.

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