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Cow Stuck in South Creek at Mulgrave

COW STUCK IN SOUTH CREEK AT MULGRAVE (09:40 Tuesday 20th December 2022)

A cow was located on the opposite (South Windsor) bank swimming and walking, trying to find a way up the steep and muddy bank. The recent floods have scoured the banks and make it impossible for cattle to get back out of the creek.

The emergency Service unit relocated around to the South Windsor side and eventually restrained the cow to stop her swimming away from us. We then carefully rigged her with a sling that allowed us to skid her up the bank onto a nice flat spot to recover.

The unit left the cow with its owner laying on its chest (Sternal) happily eating green pick. Job completed 13:00.


Cow Cow Stuck In South Creek At MulgraveCow1 Cow Stuck In South Creek At MulgraveCow2 Cow Stuck In South Creek At Mulgrave

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