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The Geographical Names Board (GNB) is seeking community feedback on a proposal by The Hills Shire Council to name a reserve in the locality of North Kellyville as Kiliiyurraa Reserve.

The reserve is located on the corner of Withers Road and Hezlett Road and is known locally as Withers Road Reserve, however this name has not been officially assigned.

The name Kiliiyurraa (pronounced Kil-ee-yor-rah) is a Dharug word for the turpentine tree which is one of the dominant species on the reserve.

The proposed name acknowledges the local Aboriginal people’s connection to this part of the North Kellyville area.

Withers Road reserve was officially opened in August 2023 and The Hills Shire Council proposed the name change in December after it received significant support from Muru Mittigar, a local indigenous social enterprise group, as well as Dharug elders with strong connections to The Hills Shire.

“The use of the Dharug language on Dharug Country is a significant act of cultural preservation and identity for the Dharug people,” a spokesperson from Muru Mittigar said.

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“It represents a deep connection to their heritage and a commitment to maintaining linguistic diversity. This practice not only honours their ancestors but also enriches the Australian cultural fabric, ensuring the Dharug language continues to thrive for future generations.”

NSW Surveyor-General Narelle Underwood said: “Names are not just labels; they tell the stories of their community, and it is important that they reflect the character and history of the local area.

Community consultation on the proposed names is an important step to make sure everyone has an opportunity to provide their feedback and ensures that each voice has a chance to contribute.”

Details of the proposal can be viewed and submissions lodged on the Geographical Names Board’s

Alternatively, written submissions may be mailed to the Secretary, Geographical Names Board, 346 Panorama Ave, Bathurst, NSW 2795. The closing date for submissions is 4th May 2024. This park includes a playground protected by a shade sail, a basketball half court, walking and bike pathways.

The park is home to 300 trees, winding sandstone steps, and a picnic shelter. The Geographic Names Board is seeking feedback to gauge community sentiment for the proposed name.

Suggestions for alternative names are not being sought at this time.

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