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Christmas Cheer Topped with Fear

Throughout the year, we have faced many challenges and with a change in Government following the State election in March, there have been many shifts in the way I deliver for the Hawkesbury. I am now striving to ensure projects funded by the previous Coalition Government continue so that you get the outcomes you deserve.

There is another $88 million needed for the Pitt Town bypass, Hawkesbury’s new fire control and emergency operations centre is looking for an appropriate location and infrastructure, such as an upgrade to the evacuation route in Hawkesbury, is needed to help families, businesses and the community in day-to-day life.

In October, we had a referendum and seventy three percent of Hawkesbury residents voted no. The cost of that referendum could have built the Pitt Town bypass four times.

Christmas Cheer, why not opt to shop local and support small business. By getting out and about to shop for Christmas, we can support Hawkesbury, get competitive value and soak up the therapeutic benefits.

Mental Health

On another point, I want to draw your attention to an announcement made by Minister for Planning, Paul Scully, which will impact the very fabric of The Hills Shire and Hawkesbury City Council areas.

In a nutshell, the Minns Labor Government wants to strip local Councils of their planning instruments and rezone housing lots, so that townhouses and apartments up to six storeys, can be built where a home already exists, and you won’t know what your neighbour is up to, until the cement truck pulls up in the street to pour the slab.

This new planning arrangement is a move by stealth to destroy the DNA of our communities. People in Hawkesbury are drawn to the area because of the ambience, the large lot and acreage and also, its people, the amenities and the vista.

So here we have a light bulb moment, that the Planning Minister thinks is the silver bullet for a housing shortage, but let me tell you, we are staring down the barrel of a catastrophe. Good planning should deliver the necessary infrastructure to accommodate growth, but this formula, to pump up the population, will exacerbate traffic, parking, create more congestion, noise, overshadowing and denigrate people’s privacy, not to mention the character of a suburb.

I’m determined to protect Hawkesbury from this ignorant direction that the Labor Government is heading in.

Now let’s take a breath and remind ourselves of the value of Christmas. It’s about caring for your family, looking out for your neighbour, your mates, our veterans and those challenged with mental health issues, Remember, there’s always someone worse off than us.

Once you’ve lent a helping hand, make time for your own wellbeing. I wish you a Merry Christmas and let’s hope 2024 is on the rise.

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