CHRG Furthering Veteran Connection

Traditionally RSL Clubs were created in communities across Australia to provide a venue for current and ex-service personnel and their families to enjoy a safe and comfortable place to gather, enjoy each other’s company, and to share a meal and a drink or two.

Over the years, RSL Clubs opened their doors, and their social memberships, to the broader Australian community to enable them to contribute towards the goal of better facilities and services – not only for veterans, but for local communities as a whole.

For almost 50 years, CHRG (Castle Hill RSL Group) has worked closely with local sub- Branches Castle Hill RSL and City of Parramatta RSL to provide support and funding to Veterans and their families.

To build on the existing strong relationship CHRG already has with Veterans, the group has launched a new Veteran Service Member card for current and retired service people.

David O’Neil, Group CEO said “This card will not only immediately identify our Veteran Service Members who have served for their country, but it will also provide an array of member benefits and access to promotions and events across our Group.”

Throughout the year, Veteran Service Member cardholders will be entitled to a range of in-venue opportunities, including regular meet and greets, as well as discounts on the Group’s offerings.

“Clubs have always been a place where our Veteran members feel comfortable and safe to connect and reflect with their peers, and we recognise the importance of further nurturing this sense of belonging.

“We have many members in our Group who are current and/or returned service men and women. We recognise the importance of their service and sacrifice, and we recognise the importance of providing ongoing acknowledgement to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come,” said Mr O’Neil.

CHRG’s Veteran Service member card will further cement the Group’s commitment to Veteran welfare and support by providing eligible members with a sense of connectivity,
community and belonging. The new Veteran Service Member card is available exclusively to current or returned Veterans who are CHRG Members. For more information please email [email protected]| or call Reception at:
• Castle Hill RSL Club: 02 8858 4800
• Club Parramatta: 02 8865 5100
• Lynwood Country Club: 02 4580 2800

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