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Chloe has the Right Stuff

Chloe With Cessna Chloe Has The Right Stuff

Meet Chloe Familton, a 17-year-old student living in Cherrybrook NSW who has just completed her HSC exams. Chloe started learn to fly at the age of 15 and progressed on to earning her Private Pilot’s license in early 2023.

On the 13th of November, Chloe departed Cessnock Airport in a Cessna 172 and began a journey around the coast of Australia, with the aim of becoming the youngest woman to circumnavigate Australia solo in a light aircraft. This adventure will take over a month and she will land at 40 different airports, covering a distance of over 14,000 km, in a project named “Spread Your Wings”.

“I feel so blessed to have been able to follow my passion at such a young age, to reach new literal and metaphorical heights. This November, I plan to spread my wings further by becoming the youngest woman to circumnavigate Australia solo in a light aeroplane”, said Chloe on her website

Chloe At The Controls Chloe Has The Right Stuff

Chloe’s journey has three main goals:
1. To pay forward the support she has received and inspire young people, especially girls, to spread their wings and take flight to new possibilities.
2. Through this flight, Chloe is raising money for A Start in Life – (, an Australian charity which assists students by addressing barriers they are facing to their education. Support can include school essentials, IT equipment or camps and excursions. Chloe’s aim is to raise $20,000.

3. To challenge herself as an aviator.

Good luck Chloe and safe travels!

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