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Cheeky ‘Caravan’ Comedy


If you’re looking for a laugh this April, visit the Castle Hill Player’s current production of ‘Caravan’, a cheeky and nostalgic Australian comedy show at the Pavilion Theatre.

Four friends are invited to holiday in Parkes and in Penny’s prized caravan along the beautiful NSW coast. But with the six of them stuck in a confined space for two weeks, tensions begin to rise and secrets are aired. When a tumultuous rain storm begins, decade-long friendships and relationships are greatly tested.

Actor and playwright Donald Macdonald’s production is revisited with the same colourful characters in a refreshing and modern take, without losing any of the quintessential Australian humour.

Director Bernard Teuben has always wanted the chance to rework this ‘80s production and his attention to detail and set design brings the stage to life, as you feel drawn into the lives of these very messy couples and wonder if anyone will make it out of the caravan alive.

“I love a good Australian comedy and there’s not a lot around these days. It’s a very funny show with lots of jokes and situations. Plus everybody needs a good laugh these days,” he said.

Jason Spindlow, with over 12 years acting experience, plays Parkes Robinson, who paints the perfect picture of a dysfunctional relationship with his tired and overworked wife Penny, played by Vanessa Henderson.

Monica Rice’s melodramatic theatrics and iconic screeches for “brandy” is wonderfully pulled off by Margareta Moir. Her previous experience in Communicating Doors in 2018 and Cactus Flower in 2023 brought her back to the stage.

Pavilion Photo Caravan0 Cheeky ‘Caravan’ Comedy

She said: “(Castle Hill Players) always do fantastic shows here and fortunately enough I was lucky enough to get a role and it’s been a hoot. We’re looking forward to hearing the audience laughing and having a good time!”

Her “husband” Rodney Rice, who begrudgingly answers her many demands is played by Daniel Ferris with over 20 years acting experience.

“I saw Caravan five years ago and I loved it so much that I knew I had to get involved! It’s an Australian play which is fabulous as you just don’t see enough in amateur theatre,” he said.

Pierce (Ben Wheeler) shamelessly flirts with all the women on stage. His partner on stage is Gwendolyn played by Jade Brimfiel, a first-time actor with Castle Hill Players. She embraces her character’s quirks wonderfully in this role of a naive young 22 year old finding her path on a spiritual journey.

Get in quick for tickets as most of the show’s tickets are already sold!

* Caravan will be on stage from the 5th April to the 27th April, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm at the Pavilion Theatre in Castle Hill. Sunday shows start at 4pm. Book online or contact the box office on 02 9634 2929. Tickets are $30 for adults or $25 for concession. The Pavilion Theatre is at Castle Hill Showground.

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